We're moving to Utah! House for Sale

We’re Moving To Utah!

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It quickly became clear that the vacation home plan would not allow us the time we wanted for outdoor activities and travel.  It would also be costly to maintain two households, fly back and forth, etc. The more we thought about it, the more we wanted from this adventure and decided to go all in!  This was Keith’s plan all …

Are we serious about moving?

Are We Serious About Moving?

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Keith and I had talked about it, we joked about it… but now it was time to ask ourselves, are we serious about moving? We were saving money, not exactly knowing what it might be for. Keith had accepted a remote software position about two years before so work wasn’t a concern. He was working from home and home could …

Keith’s Daydream

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When I first met Keith he shared with me that he had thought about moving pretty far away when he first started his career. This was intriguing, but scary at the same time. I loved the idea of traveling, but moving wasn’t really part of it for me. After we were married there had always been a part of us …

bitten by the travel bug

Bitten by the Travel Bug

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I had been bitten by the travel bug in college when I was able to participate in a study abroad program. This included 6 weeks staying in Liverpool, England. Classes and practicum work were Monday through Thursday so I was extremely lucky to have long weekends to travel. I was even luckier to be there with my best friend! It …

blogging at Beans and Brews

Why Are We Blogging?

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How can I start blogging??? I’m going to find out. I’ve thought about blogging for years now. Ideas have come and gone, but I’ve never made it past the dreaming stage. Can you relate? What holds you back? I’ve had lots of excuses, but now I’m going for it! One of the big reasons to start now is that I …